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The KC Grain Engulfment rescue walls are designed to assist rescuers when a worker needs to be removed from an engulfment in a storage bin, vessel or other confined space. A minimum purchase of six (6) panels is recommended. Each panel section acts as a shield so the grain (which is pressing against the victim) can be removed. Once the grain level is reduced, the victim can be extricated. These lightweight, yet durable aluminum walls can withstand rugged and repeated usage. Great for frequent training as is easily maneuvered and can be aligned to form a wall, a tube, or other irregular shapes depending on the rescue situation.

Made of lightweight 6005 T5 aluminum, rescuers can easily lift a panel up and join with another piece. The Ball-and-socket joint allows each panel to pivot for any desirable shape. Every panel has bolted on internal and external steps, so there is no need to look for stepping areas for the First Responders. The insertion step allows a rescuer to use his own body weight to push the Engulfment Rescue Wall into grain, as opposed to hammering. Each panel is 16? wide and 60? long and weights 25 lbs per panel. Six Panels - Ship wt: 190 lbs., Ship dims: 40? (L) x 48? (W) x 64? (H).

We provide accessories to aid in rescue: to speed the removal of grain from inside the walls the Rescue Auger can be purchased. This 3" Rescue Auger is compatible with any grain rescue tube and is powered by any 1/2" cordless drill, corded drill, or air drill. The flow rate is 1.5 bushels per minute. Ship wt: 27 lbs., Ship wt: 69? (L) x 10? (W) x 15? (H).

The 18? x 18? poly platform provides a stable footing for rescuers on the loose grain. A minimum of four (4) is recommended. Ship wt: 4lbs., Ship dims: 18? (L) x 18? (W) x 2? (H). The waterproof carrying bag comes with handles on the sides and ends for easy carrying and interior straps to bind all accessories. This bag can store up to eight (8) panels.

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