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Laboratory Mill 3100

Laboratory Mill 3100
Laboratory Mill 3100
Laboratory Mill 3100

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Product Literature

The Lab Mill 3100 is a hammer type cyclone mill, built into a soundproof casing. An airflow feeder regulates feeding of a sample into a metallic grinding chamber. A hardened steel hammer rotates at high speed, forcing the sample through a stainless steel sieve. The fine, homogeneous sample is separated from the air in a cyclone and collected in a quick release stainless steel container. The cyclone principle makes the mill self-cleaning and thus cleaning between samples is not normally required. Standard sieve (0.8mm) is used for Falling Number, Glutomatic/Gluten Index and NIR-analyses. Sieves are available from 0.5-2.0mm.

The standard mill is approved for three major tests:

  • Falling Number Test: To determine the alpha-amylase activity in wheat and rye.
  • Glutomatic/-Gluten Index Test: To determine wet gluten quantity and quality.
  • NIR-Analysis: To determine protein, fat, hardness, ash and moisture after grinding

Operation is belt drive, 1:6, 16,800rpm. Capacity is 300g in 30-50 seconds depending on moisture content.

Optional Mill Feeder Accessory: A motor driven rubber paddle Mill Feeder can be added to provide a constant feed rate. This improves grinding of high moisture grain and grain with the hull remaining, e.g. barley, oats and rice. The constant feed rate also improves overall mill performance and reduces motor strain caused by overfeeding.

Net wt. 115 lbs. (51Kg), Ship wt. 147 lbs. Actual dims 22" L x 21" W x 25" H (560 x 510 x 630mm), Ship dims. 25" L x 19" W x 27" H.

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