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Laboratory Mill 3100

Laboratory Mill 3100
Laboratory Mill 3100
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The Lab Mill 3100 is a hammer type cyclone mill, built into a soundproof casing. An airflow feeder regulates feeding of a sample into a metallic grinding chamber. A hardened steel hammer rotates at high speed, forcing the sample through a stainless steel sieve. The fine, homogeneous sample is separated from the air in a cyclone and collected in a quick release stainless steel container. The cyclone principle makes the mill self-cleaning and thus cleaning between samples is not normally required. Standard sieve (0.8mm) is used for Falling Number, Glutomatic/Gluten Index and NIR-analyses. Sieves are available from 0.5 - 2.0mm.

The standard mill is approved for three major tests:

  • Falling Number Test: To determine the alpha-amylase activity in wheat and rye.
  • Glutomatic/-Gluten Index Test: To determine wet gluten quantity and quality.
  • NIR-Analysis: To determine protein, fat, hardness, ash and moisture after grinding.


Operation is belt drive, 1:6, 16,800rpm. Capacity is 300g in 30-50 seconds depending on moisture content.

Net wt. 115 lbs. (51Kg), Ship wt. 147 lbs. Actual dims 22" L x 21" W x 25" H (560 x 510 x 630mm), Ship dims. 25" L x 19" W x 27" H.

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