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Laboratory Mill 3610

Laboratory Mill 3610
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Laboratory Mill 3610 is a disc type mill designed to grind pellets and large size grains for oven and NIR moisture tests. The sample is rapidly crushed between sharp steel discs and collected in a quick release plastic sample cup. The disc design and the rapid grinding minimize heat development. Loss of water is thus virtually eliminated. Typical sample size is 10-250g. Sample cup size 500ml. Laboratory Mill 3610 is delivered with Type 1 standard disc. Disc dia. 100mm. Net wt. 110 lbs. (50 Kg), Ship wt. 115 lbs. Actual dims 25? L x 11.5? W x 19? H (620 x 280 x 470 mm), Ship dims. 25? L x 15? W x 20? H.

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