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The Laboratory Thickness Grader is used for sample size grading of grains according to the kernel thickness. Some of the grains which would be suitable are paddy rice, brown or milled rice, barley, wheat, rye or oats. The model 70 allows for the pre-testing of a sample lot within just 2-3 minutes to determine the proper settings and cylinder sizes for the production equipment. There is a wide range of cylinder sizes available to provide a prediction on the amount of separation to be expected in the larger equipment. The quality of the grain can be determined by the thickness of the kernel for milling or further processing.

Standard features: Feed hopper, timer control, sealed gear drive, anti-vibration rubber pads, electric cord, On/Off switch, fuse, 110 V, 60Hz single phase operation, separate receiving boxes for the "thrus" portion and the "overs" portion. Cylinders are sold separately*. Sample size approx. 300-500g. Equipped with 65 watt, single phase motor, 110 v, 60Hz.

Net wt. 56 lbs., Ship wt. 110 lbs. Ship Dims. 29" L x 29" W x 34"H.

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