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Pellet Durability Tester - 2 Compartment

Pellet Durability Tester - 2 Compartment
Pellet Durability Tester - 2 Compartment
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Seedburo's two-compartment Pellet Durability Tester utilizes a test developed by Kansas State University to predict the amount of fines produced by handling pellets before feeding time. This is accomplished using a specially designed pellet tumbler which duplicates the amount of breakage that normally occurs from the time the pellets are expelled until they are consumed by the animal. Each chamber measures 12" long x 5-1/2" wide x 12" deep.

ISO 17831-1  BioFuels - Determination of Durability of Pellets and Briquettes

The results of the tests are interpreted as a standard measure of quality, which is referred to as the Pellet Durability Index (P.D.I.) The test is simple to perform and requires a minimal amount of equipment. The procedure::

1. Secure a representative sample.
2. Remove broken pellets from sample with appropriate hand sieve.
3. Weigh out 500 grams of screened sample.
4. Tumble 500 grams of screened pellets for 10 minutes.
5. Re-screen and weigh whole pellet sample.
6. Compute Pellet Durability Index by dividing the weight of the whole pellets by 500 and multiplying by 100.

The unit features a Brushless DC 50:1 Gearhead Motor 120W (1/6 HP) 260 lb-in Max Rated Torque 110V 50/60Hz, 1Ph or 220V 50/60Hz 1Ph Motor.

Shipping weight 115 lbs., 38"x22"x25"

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