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Portable Bulk Scale

Portable Bulk Scale
Portable Bulk Scale
Portable Bulk Scale

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The manual Portable Bulk Scale, 864 or 864M, can be used to improve mixing accuracy and save you in time and labor. No part of the beam protrudes above the top of the hopper. The 1,000-pound capacity hopper, made of 12 and 14-gauge steel, rides on large 10" and 6" rubber-tired wheels. The hopper has a quick gravity bottom discharge which is 10" x 14" and is controlled at the operator's end of the buggy. Unit has push handle and wheel brakes. The scale counterweight is included and installed prior to shipping. The weights on the rod cannot fall off with the rod basket in place.

The weigh buggy measures 36-1/2" W and 42" H, front height of the hopper is 32-3/4" H. The Bulk Scale has a 17 cu.ft. capacity hopper (about 800 lbs. of shelled corn) and sits on a beam scale where the main beam reads 1000 lbs. x 100 lbs., and the fractional beam reads 100 lbs. x 1lb. and the metric unit reads 455 kg. x 45 kg. on the main beam and 50 kg x 200 g on the fractional beam.

The digital Portable Bulk Scale, 864D, is the same construction at the 864, but has a 120 Plus digital weight indicator with a rechargeable battery pack. The indicator will read in pounds and ounces or kilos and grams. The 120 Plus has a large (0.82") six-digit LCD display with printer port (output only) and RS232 communications at up to 38,400 BPS with 500-character print ticket format (printer not included).

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