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Calibration Weight Sets, Class 5

Calibration Weight Sets, Class 5

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Designed specifically for adjustment of electronic balances and scales, our high-precision stainless steel weights provide easy handling and stacking. All weights feature a satin finish, are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and are manufactured to the specifications of NIST Handbook 105-1. A traceable certificate is available for all weight sets and individual weights. Weight Sets are provided in protective case. All weights are Class 5, stainless steel.

Part No. 12506 12512 12591 12593 12646
Range 100g–1g 500g–1g 1 lb–1/32 oz 1 lb–0.001 lb 10 lb–0.05 oz
(1x) 100g (1x) 500g (1x) 1 lb (1x) 1 lb (2x) 10 lb
(1x) 50g (2x) 200g (1x) 8 oz (1x) 0.5 lb (1x) 5 lb
(2x) 20g (2x) 100g (1x) 4 oz (2x) 0.2 lb (2x) 2 lb
(1x) 10g (1x) 50g (1x) 2 oz (1x) 0.1 lb (1x) 1 lb
(1x) 5g (2x) 20g (1x) 1 oz (1x) 0.05 lb (1x) 8 oz
(2x) 2g (1x) 10g (1x) ½ oz (2x) 0.02 lb (1x) 4 oz
(1x) 1g (1x) 5g (1x) ¼ oz (1x) 0.01 lb (1x) 2 oz
(2x) 2g (1x) ⅛ oz (1x) 0.005 lb (1x) 1 oz
(1x) 1g (1x) 1/16 oz (2x) 0.002 lb (1x) 0.5 oz
(1x) 1/32 oz (1x) 0.001 lb (2x) 0.2 oz
(1x) 0.1 oz
(1x) 0.05 oz
Piece Count 9 12 11 13 15
Total Weight 221.00g 1.110kg 2 lb 2.111 lb 31 lb 0.05 oz
Unit System Metric Metric Avoirdupois Avoirdupois Avoirdupois

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