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Digital Hemp Moisture Tester

Digital Hemp Moisture Tester
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The digital F2000 moisture tester is used to check the moisture content of hemp and other commodities. Each unit comes complete with a No.1235 10" prod (attaches directly to meter).

The F2000 has a moisture range of 8-40%. It can store up to 100 readings and display the average and highest of the accumulated readings. It also features an adjust- able, audible set-point to alert you when a pre-selected % of moisture has been reached.

The meter is also great for hemp producers looking to enhance quality control. The F-2000 has the versatility to check hemp in its various forms. A hemp chart is included with the purchase of this product.

Actual dims (meter): 3" L x 1¾" W x 7" H. Ship wt 2 lbs. Ship Dims 13" L x 10" W x 6"

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