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Digital Whiteness Tester for Rice

Digital Whiteness Tester for Rice

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Product Literature

The Kett Model C-600 is a new instrument which replaces the well known Kett Model C-300.

For many years, the Kett Model C-300 has been recognized as the worldwide standard for whiteness assessment in rice.

Whiteness can be used as a measure of the amount of rice milling and rice purity to optimize the milling and formulation process. Through the advanced new design of the Kett C-600, tests are faster and more precise (repeatable). Also, the Model C-600 requires a much smaller footprint, lower energy consumption and minimal maintenance.

The Kett C-600 provides years of consistent measurement and is so simple to use. Anyone can achieve laboratory quality measurements in less than 2 seconds. Simplicity in its operation, just place the rice sample in the sample cell, then place the cell into the C-600, then the whiteness value is displayed on the large LED display.

The Kett Model C-600 Whiteness Tester is an effective and efficient quality control tool. This instrument is often used in measuring the effect of production processes.

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