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Germination Trays

Germination Trays

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Germination trays are molded from high-strength, glass-reinforced composites. The fiber component provides strength and dimensional stability. The outstanding physical properties for which these products are known are a result of the synergy of resin matrix and glass reinforcement. Unlike plastic trays and containers, composite products are dimensionally stable and will not bend or sag under loads. And unlike wood and metal, they will not warp, corrode or bend. The durability that results from composites construction ensures years of dependable performance.

The PGT1216 top outside dimensions are 17.75" (L) x 11.75" (W) x 1" (H) with a ⅜" lip. The bottom inside dimensions are 16.13" (L) x 10.75" (W) x .91" (H) and fit our 1015SB Placement Tray and can be used with a variety of our Blotters, Versapak and Paper Toweling

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