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Special Perforation Sieves - Wire Mesh - Steel

Special Perforation Sieves - Wire Mesh - Steel
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Seedburo Dockage Sieves are manufactured to comply with the specification of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They are regularly used by federal grain supervision offices, state grain inspection departments and licensed grain inspectors. Most sieves are available in commercial or precision grades. All federal grain inspectors use precision sieves, but for most applications, the commercial sieves will suffice. Sieves should be replaced when the perforations show wear, to maintain accurate results.  Slotted sieves used in sizing barley and oats need to be replaced regularly since these grains are highly abrasive. A worn sieve lets too much material pass through, giving inaccurate results. Damaged or dented sieves should always be replaced. Sieves are made on No. 20 gauge B & S aluminum. Decimal equivalents of diameter or width are shown in parentheses.

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