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Calibration Weights, Class 5 - Avoirdupois

Calibration Weights, Class 5 - Avoirdupois
Calibration Weights, Class 5 - Avoirdupois
Calibration Weights, Class 5 - Avoirdupois
Calibration Weights, Class 5 - Avoirdupois

Calibration Weights, Class 5 - Avoirdupois

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Designed specifically for adjustment of electronic balances and scales, our high-precision stainless steel weights provide easy handling and stacking. All weights feature a satin finish, are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and are manufactured to the specifications of NIST Handbook 105-1. A traceable certificate is available for all weight sets and individual weights. Weight Sets are provided in protective case. All weights are Class 5, stainless steel. 

* = Weights are grip-handled for easier lifting. † = Weights are cast iron

Metric Metric with
Traceable Certificate
Avoirdupois Avoirdupois with
Traceable Certificate
1g No. WT-1F 1g No. WT-1FTC 1/16 oz No. 12575 1/16 oz No. 12575FTC
2g No. WT-2F 2g No. WT-2FTC ⅛ oz No. 12578 ⅛ oz No. 12578FTC
3g No. WT-3F 3g No. WT-3FTC ¼ oz No. 12581 ¼ oz No. 12581FTC
5g No. WT-5F 5g No. WT-5FTC ½ oz No. 12584 ½ oz No. 12584FTC
10g No. WT-10F 10g No. WT-10FTC 1 oz No. 12587 1 oz No. 12587FTC
20g No. WT-20F 20g No. WT-20FTC 2 oz No. 12590 2 oz No. 12590FTC
30g No. WT-30F 30g No. WT-30FTC 4 oz No. 12592 4 oz No. 12592FTC
50g No. WT-50F 50g No. WT-50FTC 8 oz No. 12594 8 oz No. 12594FTC
100g No. WT-100F 100g No. WT-100FTC 12 oz No. 12626 12 oz No. 12626FTC
150g No. WT-150F 150g No. WT-150FTC 1 lb No. 12596 1 lb No. 12596FTC
200g No. WT-200F 200g No. WT-200FTC 2 lb No. 12598 2 lb No. 12598FTC
300g No. WT-300F 300g No. WT-300FTC 3 lb No. 12600 3 lb No. 12600FTC
400g No. WT-400F 400g No. WT-400FTC 4 lb No. 12602 4 lb No. 12602FTC
500g No. WT-500F 500g No. WT-500FTC 5 lb No. 12604 5 lb No. 12604FTC
1kg No. WT-1000F 1kg No. WT-1000FTC 10 lb No. 12606 10 lb No. 12606FTC
2kg No. WT-2000F 2kg No. WT-2000FTC 10 lb No. 12673* 10 lb No. 12673FTC*
3kg No. WT-3000F 3kg No. WT-3000FTC 20 lb No. 12674* 20 lb No. 12674FTC*
4kg No. WT-4000F 4kg No. WT-4000FTC 25 lb No. 12675* 25 lb No. 12675FTC*
5kg No. WT-5000F 5kg No. WT-5000FTC 30 lb No. 12676* 30 lb No. 12676FTC*
50 lb No. 12677* 50 lb No. 12677FTC*
50 lb No. 12839† 50 lb No. 12839TC†

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