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Land Pride Broadcaster Seeder

Land Pride Broadcaster Seeder
Land Pride Broadcaster Seeder

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• Breaks-up and feeds nearly any dry, chaffy native seed and plant material with long awns, flowerheads and straw
• Handles unprocessed native seed: Spear, Needle and Thread, Porcupine, Wild Rye and Awned Wheat Grasses
• Eliminates expensive and time consuming native seed cleaning
• Heavy-duty, aggressive, offset agitator, tractor-mounted 3 point hitch, PTO drive
• Also accurately seeds normal flowable, native, forage grass and grain seed and spreads granular fertilizer
• Seeds a 10–12 ft/3.1–3.7 m swath
• Adjustable dual hopper bottom openers to calibrate seeding rate
• 3 models with volume capacities of 5.8, 9.4 and 11.2 cu. ft (4.7, 7.5and 9 bu or 0.17, 0.27 and 0.32cu. m)
• Tough, waterproof, elastic vinyl hopper cover for seed dustcontrol, rain and wind protection
• Integral hitch to tow harrows and roller packer to ensure good seed to soil contact.

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