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Portable Combine

Portable Combine
Portable Combine
Portable Combine
Portable Combine
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The Portable Combine is the perfect tool for the grain farmer to thresh a bundle of small grain heads to provide a sample ready for moisture testing or field evaluation. Eliminates the need to transport the field combine across long distance, just to check on the moisture content of the grain standing in the field.

The combine utilizes a beater for threshing in conjunction with an air column for separation. It can be operated on two speeds; a high speed for threshing cereal grains, or a low speed to prevent kernel damage, when threshing oilseeds. The amount of flow in the column is adjustable to facilitate separation of materials of varying mass, similar to the wind adjustment of a combine.

Handfuls of crop are fed into the threshing chamber and are simultaneously threshed and cleaned; the clean grain is collected, and the chaff is expelled. The straw is discarded and the process is then repeated. Five to ten minutes are required, depending on conditions, to thresh enough grain for moisture testers. This time is very dependent on the operator, since most of the required time is in obtaining the sample handfuls from the swath, with the actual threshing time minimal.


  • Single Stage Process
  • Two Speed Cylinder
  • Adjustable Air Flow
  • Self Cleaning Aspiration Column
  • Capacity: 70 gram/min (Cleaning Seed-Wheat) (Avg. Sample 200 gram)

Blower motor powered by 12 volt DC supply. Includes power cables with clips to reach the vehicle battery or a DC adapter plug.

Actual Dimensions: 23" x 17" x 11"
Actual Weight: 19.7lbs

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