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Portable Spiral Seed Cleaner

Portable Spiral Seed Cleaner

This Mobile Spiral Separator is a flexible portable alternative to stationary cleaners. It is a specialty cleaner that is the perfect solution for on-site cleaning of many commodities like Canola, Mustard, and Soybeans mixed with Corn. These portable cleaners can be used on other ‘round from flat’ separations, where there is a high percentage of round product with a small portion of flat or irregular seed. Four core spiral separators are mounted on tandem axle trailers to ensure most capacities or location demands can be met! These cleaners are versatile and can be configured with a gooseneck or bumper hitch trailer. Included are a seed hopper, inlet and outlet conveyors. Perfect for any firm that travels to perform ‘on-site’ cleaning! Image shows two 4-core spiral separators, but these cleaners can be configured to your specific needs. Please call us for a customized quotation.


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