Scio In-Field Ear Corn Moisture Meter, Cloud Connected

Scio In-Field Ear Corn Moisture Meter, Cloud Connected

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Scio In-Field Ear Corn Moisture Meter, Cloud Connected

Scio In-Field Ear Corn Moisture Meter, Cloud Connected

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Instant, In-Field Ear Corn Moisture Analysis

SCiO is a material sensing platform that provides lab quality analysis in the field. It enables farmers, seed corn production managers, researchers, agronomists and others to make timely decisions and improve efficiencies, with an innovative NIR spectroscopy platform that is cloud connected, portable, easy to use, and affordable.

Includes a dedicated adaptor that protects against direct sun light-illumination and a neck carrying lanyard with safe quick-release mechanism. Included with the purchase of the Scio, you will also get the first year software license of the annual subscription. Includes free calibrations throughout the year. Up to 3 users per device. GPS location services, storage, reporting and data available from app dashboard.

  • Analyze corn moisture directly on the cob. Get results in less than a minute via an app on your phone
  • Test ear corn moisture levels from 8% to 80% moisture in the field
  • Real-time map: see the variation of moisture in a specific field, plot or area
  • Accurately estimate harvest timing
  • Plot results to estimate drying costs and overall corn quality
  • Trusted by major global seed companies


  • Collect up to 50 ears on one charge (when scanning each about 5 times. Can also collect 250-300 scans total in a single charge if performing one scan per ear. 
  • Scan while charging via standard Micro USB (provided with unit)
  • Rugged and shock resistant, designed for in-field applications

Calibration Specifications

  • Moisture range supported: 8 – 80%
  • 3-38 C° (37-100 F°)
  • Precision: 0.2%
  • Single ear RMSE (root-mean-square error): 1-2% (depends on moisture range)
  • Reference method: 72 hours oven drying
  • Number of samples in database: >1000
  • Samples’ database geographies: U.S., Europe, Latin America


  • Operated via mobile phone (iOS, Android).
  • Connect to SCiO device via Bluetooth
  • Calibration is updated seamlessly and continuously in the cloud
  • A single cloud-based calibration supports unlimited amount of units in the field
  • All scans are saved in your cloud account
  • Review past results via app or web dashboard
  • Manage users within your organization