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SCiO NIR Spectroscopy Cup - Grain Analysis System, Cloud Connected

SCiO NIR Spectroscopy Cup - Grain Analysis System, Cloud Connected
SCiO NIR Spectroscopy Cup - Grain Analysis System, Cloud Connected

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Product Literature

Accurate constituent analysis in seconds

SCiO Cup is the world’s fastest lab-grade grains analyzer, combining portability, accuracy and ease of use. It revolutionizes grains analysis by moving decision making out of the lab and into the field, the grain elevator, processing plants, and feed mills, by using Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (NIRS).


Smart real-time analysis


Farmers & Grain Elevators

  • Measure grains protein and oil from harvest time through the delivery to grain elevator or processor
  • Test quality (protein, oil and moisture) prior to delivery

Processing Plants & Feed Mills

  • Measure protein, oil and moisture of incoming soybean and wheat classes (excluding durum)
  • Map the quality received from various suppliers
  • Use frequent tests to properly track received materials and meet internal quality control requirements including FSMA compliance
  • Use incoming material tests to improve yield and quality of your final product
  • Substantially save costs with better quality control


Cloud-Connected, Mobile Phone Operated

  • Operates via mobile phone (iOS, Android)
  • Calibration are updated seamlessly and continuously in the cloud
  • A single cloud-based calibration supports multiple units in the field
  • All scans are saved in your cloud account
  • Web-based dashboard enables you to:
    • Manage users within your organization
    • Monitor user activity in real-time
    • Review past results and trends



  • Scan more than 2000 samples on one charge
  • Charging via USB cable (provided)
  • Rugged and shock resistant, designed for in-field applications
  • Offline mode enables scanning and getting results when back online
  • App connects to SCiO Cup via Bluetooth



  • SCiO Cup unit dimensions: H: 17cm , D: 16cm,
  • Optical scan time: 1.2 sec
  • Full analysis time: 7 sec
  • Operating temperature: 40°F-105°F (5°C-40°C)
  • Wavelength range: 740 – 1050 nm
  • Light source: Tungsten lamp
  • Sensor: CMOS sensor

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