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U.S. Testing Sieves 8" Full Height Stainless Steel Frame

U.S. Testing Sieves 8" Full Height Stainless Steel Frame
U.S. Testing Sieves 8" Full Height Stainless Steel Frame

U.S. Testing Sieves 8" Full Height Stainless Steel Frame

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The U.S. Sieves are a Brass or Stainless steel sieve with a wire mesh screen material also made of either Brass or Stainless steel that are designed to conform to specifications set by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). The majority of the sieves shown below have an 8" dia. with 2" depth (1" half-height available), however sieves are also available in diameters of 3” or 12”. Each sieve is made with your choice of the following: brass frame/brass wire cloth, brass frame/stainless wire cloth or stainless frame/stainless cloth. Frames are "Skirted" to nest together. Please contact us if you need assistance selecting the correct sieve.


ASTM Standards Table Chart for Sieve Mesh Sizes

Please read the following for an explanation on how to understand and read the part numbers: 

The part numbers can be interpreted as follows: The mesh size is the first number based on the ASTM size sequence. Next are the two letters which represent: first the type of frame and then the type of cloth/mesh, whether in Brass (B) or Stainless steel (S). Combinations with the frame brass and the mesh stainless steel are also possible. The next number is for the diameter and the last letter is for the height either in Full (F) or Half (H) height. The height of the sieve varies with the diameter. The 8” sieves have a Full height of 2” and a Half height of 1”, where the 12” diameter sieves have a Full height of 4¼” and a Half height of 2”. 

40BB8F = 40 Mesh / Brass Frame / Brass Mesh / 8" Diameter / Full Height of 2"
50SS12F = 50 mesh / SS Frame / SS Mesh / 12" Diameter / Full Height of 4¼" 

There are additional sizes shown with a different number value. Some sizes are shown with an inch measure rather than the U.S. Sieve Series mesh size. These will have the measurement size with the inch symbol (") as the first value. The '0' value in the first position are for the frame and skirt ONLY where customers will add their own screen material.

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